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Endeavor Editors and Managers Profiles.

Be Warned! This page is still under construction and some of the profiles and photos are not available at this time.

Online Editors

Brad Hoibak

Hey there, ho there! I'm Brad (Braddles) J. Hoibak, one of two amazing men that put this online beast together. My partner and I have worked long and hard to bring you the latest LCC news with the point and click of your mouse, trackpad, trackball, or what ever device you may own. I was born and raised in Magrath (about 20 minutes south of Lethbridge for those not knowing) and have lived there all my life.

I enjoy rollerblading, mountain climbing, hiking, and camping.

I also like sports like soccer, basketball, and street hockey. In my future life, I hope to do photography and writing as a career. Or maybe move into Multimedia Computers. Who knows!? It's a big, big world.

P.S.--If you're wondering about the nickname Braddles, you can thank our photo editor, Sue Martens for that honor. Thanks again Susan! Anyway, email me if you have any comments about this web site or my lovely little life in general.

Brad Hoibak, Online Editor/Distribution Manager

Roy Uttley

My name is Roy Uttley. I am an on-line and distribution manager. I am a second year print journalism student. My future will be in communications. I donÕt know if I will work for a newspaper or a magazine. I might become a free-lance writer or a photographer. I love photography, research, and learning. I consider myself lucky to be attending this great college. You might wonder if I am related to Adam Uttley. I could tell you, but then IÕd have to shoot you. Yes, heÕs my brother. By coincidence both of us wound up needing retraining at the same time. he wanted to be a sports writer. I was just wanted to write. I had a writers digest magazine with over 100 occupations for writers. We were both impressed enough to enrol in Print journalism.

Roy Uttley, Online Editor/Distribution Manager

Print Editors

Clayton Grose

Hi, I'm Clayton Grose. I'm 24 years old.

I was born and raised in Grande Prarie, AB and graduated from the highschool there. After that, I attended two and a half years of college at Grande Prarie Regional College and then another three years or English at the University of Lethbridge

I enrolled in the Print Journalism course because I wasn't making it anywhere with my English degree.

Currently, I live with my girlfriend Michelle and our two cats Barney and Phoebe (named for one of the twelve titans, not the FRIENDS star)!!!

Clayton Grose, College News/Print Editor

Kirsten Larsen

Hey there! Kirsten Larsen here. I am 24 years old and was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK.

I attended and graduated from Evan Hardy Highschool in that city.

Following graduation, I attended the University of Saskatchewan for two years and then could get nowhere so I came here to LCC. Now I have some focus and hope to work for a daily after college.

Kirsten Larsen, College News/Print Editors

Around Campus Editors

Heather Baxter

Hi there, my name is Heather Baxter and I am one of the around campus editors.

I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Medicine Hat.

I enjoy going to movies, and I like music and going to concerts. Someday I would like to be a photojournalist for National Geographic, as I enjoy both photography and love to travel.

Heather Baxter, Around Campus

Greg Wiseman

My name is Greg Wiseman and I am one of the Around Campus editors.

I am from Fernie B.C. but please don't tell people that.

In my spare time I like to Rollerblade all over the place and enjoy wasting my mind in front of Smash T.V.

N.F.L. football rules especially the Dallas Cowboys!!

In the future I would like to at least make out of this school.

WeÕll see ya in the funny pages!!

Greg Wiseman, Around Campus

Close-Up Editors
Alicia Filipowich

Bonjour. I'm Alicia Filipowich, one of the Endeavor editors. Shelley Grant, my co-editor and I, are in charge of the Close-up section. It's all the news that is news in features and stories and people, places and events in LCC and Lethbridge.

I'm 19 years old and from Sakatchewan. Go Roughriders!

I like Lethbridge's warm winters but there's lots of wind.

I love the Atlanta Braves, X-Files and pigs.

When I grow up, I want to work in newspapers in Australia and western Canada. I would also like to write childrenÕs books.

E-mail us with your comments on the paper. Keep reading Endeavor Online, we put a lot of hard work into it.

Alicia Filipowich, Close-up editor

Shelly Grant

Shelley Grant, Close-Up Editor

Sports Editors

Adam Uttley

Hello, my name is Adam Uttley.

I was born in Calgary. My favorite Canadian Teams are the Calgary Flames & the Stamps one day they will win again, maybe? My age is top secret.

I am a sports editor for the endeavor.

My home town before moving to Lethbridge was WhiteCourt Alberta.

Future goal is to become a free-lance writer and travel the world writing feature stories.

Adam Uttley, Sports

Garrett Simmons

Hello. I'm Garrett Simmons, your Sports Editor for the best paper in the land, The Endeavor.

For 21 years I've lived on this earth and I can't think of a better paper than The Endeavor.

I am from the metropolis of Shaunavon Saskatchewan, the water capital of Canada where I lived for 18 years. After my stint in Shaunavon I attended Medicine Hat College for two years before coming to LCC.

My hobbies are Pilsner beer, playing guitar, doing anything involved with sports and Pilsner beer.

In the future I hope to become a top flight sports journalist and be the official spokesman for Pilsner, the beer for you.

Garrett Simmons, Sports


Greg Price

My name is Greg Price. I'm an entertainment editor for the Endeavor. I am 24 years old and have spent the last four years before school in Nanaimo, B.C. My interests include playing all sports, and a love of movies and music (Our Lady Peace and Weezer are sweet). In my spare time I like to write song lyrics, poetry and other forms of creative writing. If you want to e-mail me and talk about anything feel free, I would like to hear feedback about the paper, music and movie scene, life etc.

Greg Price, Entertainment

Stephanie Roberts

Photo Editors

Susan Martens

Susan Martens, Photo Editor

Amber deJong

Hi- IÕm Amber de Jong, one of this yearÕs Photo Editors. IÕm from Jaffray, B.C. (out by Fernie and Cranbrook), and even after a year in Lethbridge, IÕm still trying to adjust to the wind. In B.C., I have two yonger brothers and two younger sisters, a set of great parents, and a neat zoo of animals.

IÕm 19, and I love photography, pool, rodeo and animals. After getting my Comm Arts diploma in April, I want to become a freelance rodeo and/ or wedding photographer. IÕve just started to become involved with the LCC Rodeo Club, as their photographer.

My goal for the year is to make sure the Endeavor is full of wonderful, big, interesting pictures.

Amber deJong, Photo Editor


Tara Curnisky

Tara Faris

Tara Faris, Promotions