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A word about book sales

A word about book sales

By Alaina Fabro

Where can you find entertainment to fit a student's budget? At the LCC annual book sale.

The book sale was held in the Chinook Room at the College on March 30 and 31 and April 1, 1998 and received a good turnout.

Students and faculty donate books to the annual sale and help raise funds for LCC and university prep. scholarships.

"The prices are good. I've been to the last few (book sales) and have picked up some interesting books," said Chad Stevens, an Conservation Enforcement student.

Many types of books are offered at the LCC annual Book Sale such as fiction, hardcover, paperback, non-fiction, children's, cooking, used and unused textbooks and the list goes on.

"Some books are very new, they've never been touched," said Judy O'Shea, an English Instructor at LCC.

Many textbooks are donated to the sale. Some are old and not used for courses anymore but are excellent reference material. Many textbooks are only a couple years old and can still be used.

The prices start very reasonable for many of the books being sold. Sometimes a deal can be had if you buy a lot, for those looking for more of a bargin

"We price them to move," says Margaret Simmons, a teacher in the Upgrading program.

If you have any old books collecting dust, donate them next year and help a worthwhile fund.

For the bargan hunter, if you've missed this one, look again next March, it's sure to be back. .

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