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Kodiaks honored

Kodiaks honored

By Garrett Simmons

Once a year the athletic department rounds up its players, coaches, sponsors and alumni for one special evening; the awards banquet. It's a chance to recognise the athletes that made the year special, and the sponsors that made it all possible.

The awards began with badminton.

Micheal Lee took home MVP honors, Candrin Bogusky picked up most improved and Neil Swanson received the award for rookie of the year.

Swanson wasn't done for the evening. He also went on to capture rookie of the year in men's soccer. Art Langille picked up team MVP, back-up goalie Sean Gibson took most sportsmanlike and J.P. Gentile won the 100 per cent player award.

WomenÕs soccer was next as All-ACAC / CCAA all-Canadian Melissa Smith was the obvious choice for MVP. Other winners included Tish Boychuk, most improved, Lissa Swihart, most sportsmanlike and Gina Pasquotti for rookie of the year.

Derek Kroeker, the first LCC male ever to win gold in cross country, took home the award for MVP. Kara Denis won the award for female MVP while Dean Gurney won most sportsmanlike and Paul Armbruster was rookie of the year.

Stephan Black won the award for the MVP of the golf team after winning the individual title at an ACAC event in Innisfail this year.

The women's basketball awards kicked of with the announcement of Jodi Jensen as MVP.

Jensen led the ACAC South in assists, ranked third in scoring and seventh in rebounding. Post Melanie Marek won most improved, Cori Watson took home most sportsmanlkie and rookie of the year went to point guard Wendy McMurray.

There were no surprises on the men's side as all-ACAC / CCHA all-Canadian Charlton Weasel Head took home MVP honors. Weasel Head ranked first in assists while placing in the top ten in scoring in the ACAC South. The versatile Jim Spiess won most improved as he got hot in the playoffs hitting over 80 per cent form three-point in the playoffs. Co-captain Kevin Rudolph won the hardest working player award while team rebound champion Rob Izsak took rookie of the year.

These awards were the last for men's coach Carlos Maffia who was greeted to a farewell video at the end of the evening.

"It's an experience that I'll never forget," he said. "An experience where I've created many different friends and many memories that will stick with me forever."

New coach Craig Anderson realizes the program won't be the same without Maffia but sees a bright future ahead.

"IÕm really looking foreward to next year," he said. "I don't think I can ever replace those shoes (Maffia's). I can just be myself and that's what IÕm going to do."

Volleyball ended off the evening as more coaching farewells were made. Women's coach Darlene Vornbrock previously announced her retirement from the program who had a dual award winner for MVP. Tara Faris, who ranked fifth in the ACAC South in kills, and fourth year player Tanya Lang split the award. Other winners were Genevieve van Zyl, spirit award and Andrea Martens, rookie of the year.

Mark Holthe, men's volleyball co-coach, also announced his retirement leaving Brad Bulcyz in charge of the program. Awards went to Jamie Lepard, MVP, Josh Penner, most improved, Marty Penner, most sportsmanlike and Paul Armbruster, rookie of the year.

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