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january 5, 2000

college receives post-christmas gift from government

Lethbridge Community College will receive $1.69 million in Access Funding from Alberta Learning to add more than 77 additional spaces in Nursing and two information and communications technology (ICT) programs.

In today’s Access Fund announcement from Alberta Learning, Lethbridge Community College is set to add nearly 200 new full-load equivalent (FLE) spaces in three programs by 2005.

These extra spaces will allow for expansion of the Collaborative Nursing program with the University of Lethbridge and the Computer Information Technology program (which also has a 2+2 transfer agreement with the U of L). New spaces are also planned for a Geomatics option to be developed for the Engineering Design and Drafting Technology diploma program.

A further $800,000 in capital funding for facilities expansion, approximately $10,000 per FLE, is also included in this new funding.

According to LCC Board of Governor’s chair Derek Redman, the additional funding will give the College a good start in working on the Campus Development Plan to bring needed new facilities to the campus. The College seeks to add an additional 1,000 new spaces by 2005.

“It’s great news for the College and with the start of a new year and a new centruy, this couldn’t have come at a better time,” says Redman. “Now that government is recognizing the potential for the College in meeting the demand for new program, we can look forward to an exciting future filled with tremendous growth.”

Collaborative Nursing degree LCC and the University of Lethbridge made a joint submission for Accessibility Funding for expansion of this collaborative degree program. In their joint submission LCC and the U of L went into great detail describing the student demand, employer support and employment opportunity. Employment rates for completers has remained in the 90% range in recent years (diploma completers in 1997/98 reported a 94% employment rate), despite substantial changes in staffing approaches across the health care system.

“This announcement is great news for health care education in the south,” says LCC Vice-president, Curriculum and Instruction Jean Valgardson. “The University and College have a long history of partnering to provide that education. The joint submission we made for the new funding certainly embodied the deep commitment the two institutions have that partnership. This new funding will see us develop new curriculum for the next century as well as allow us to move into new areas of specialization such as gerontology, aboriginal and rural nursing.”

The College will receive approximately $166,000 in funding for 23 new spaces in 2000/01, which will grow to 89 spaces by 2004/05.

Computer Information Technology has been the centre of high demand. Applications are received at a rate more than double the spaces available for students. Application demand for September, 1998 was 166 for a target of 70 spaces, with another 52 applications in January for 25 target spaces. Completers from 1997/98 reported an 88% employment rate in the key performance indicator completer survey. In December, 1999 the College signed a 2+2 transfer agreement with the University of Lethbridge’s Computer Science degree.

The College will receive $163,000 in funding for 30 spaces and an additional $160,000 for equipment and curriculum development. By 2004/05 the number of spaces is expected to double to 60.

Geomatics This program expansion draws together elements from three diploma programs: Engineering Design and Drafting, Civil Engineering and Renewable Resource Management with advanced courses in GIS and GPS to create a new major in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology. Geomatics is an area of surveying and mapping that requires training in the collection, analysis, storage, distribution and application of spatial or three-dimensional data used in land development. Increasingly, this growing field of engineering technology is becoming more reliant on electronic information and communications technology.

Economic growth across this region requires trained personnel to locate and map physical features on the land, determine property boundaries for titles to property, perform surveys to locate and build transportation systems and layout large industrial complexes such as food processing plants, dam sites, irrigation and petroleum pipelines and a number of agriculture-related operations.

It is expected this program will link with the University of Lethbridge’s Bachelor of Geographic Information Systems.
The College will receive $244,000 in funding for 24 spaces and $309,000 in one time equipment and development funding. The number of spaces in this program is expected to increase to 48 by 2005.

- 30 -

Derek Redman, QC, Chair, Lethbridge Community College Board of Governors, 328-1766

Jean Valgardson, LCC Vice-president, Curriculum and Instruction, 320-3426.





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