The Therapeutic Recreation/Gerontology diploma focuses on working with the elderly population. This population may have disabilities, diseases, or impairments but the majority are healthy seniors who live independently within their homes.

Upon completion of this two-year diploma, students will learn how to develop, implement and evaluate treatment, leisure education and recreation participation programs.  The development of leadership and group dynamic skills as they relate to the field of gerontology and recreation therapy are fostered.  In addition, students receive instruction in the sociological, physiological and psychological process of aging, geriatric leisure, assessments, interdisciplinary team approach and the Therapeutic Recreationist's role within this team.

Employment opportunities in this field are excellent and often involve positions in long term care facilities and private or community agencies.  This provides the opportunity for the therapist to work with a broad spectrum of elderly, ranging from frail elderly, seniors with dementia and the well elderly.

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