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WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Rika Snip, chairperson, completed her undergraduate training at Trinity Christian College and at the University of Calgary.  She completed her M.Ed. degree at the University of Lethbridge in 1998.  Rika taught a large range of courses in a junior high school before moving into developmental education at LCC in 1986.  Since then, she has taught developmental reading, writing, and study skills courses and has extended her skills in academic counseling.  In addition to her duties as chair of the Learning Centre, much of her work involves trouble shooting to identify and address students' academic difficulties.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Deb Montgomery, Learning Centre Assistant, has served as the secretary for the Learning Centre since 1992.  She is responsible for reception duties, including directing students to appropriate instructors and answering queries about the Learning Centre's services. She also provides clerical support for the staff and assists students extensively with wordprocessing tutorial instruction.  In addition to these duties, Deb acts as coordinator for the peer tutor program.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Julie Deimert, Coordinator of Services for Students with Special Needs, has a B.Ed. degree from the University of Calgary and taught for the Calgary Public School Division before coming to Lethbridge Community College in 1991.  At LCC, Julie has taught English and reading courses until two years ago when she took on the role of support person for students with special needs.   In this role, Julie is actively involved in assisting and advocating for students with physical and learning disabilities.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Lynda Duval, instructor, completed a B.Ed. at the University of Lethbridge and joined the Learning Centre staff at Lethbridge Community College in September of 1989.  She specializes in helping students with reading, writing, basic math, and study skills.  She also helps Criminal Justice students with content pertaining to criminal law and procedures.   In addition to her work in the Learning Centre, Lynda teaches courses for the College and University Preparatory program.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Lynda Dekens, instructor, has been teaching in the Learning Centre since 1989.  She received her B.Ed. from Dordt College, Iowa, in 1979.  Since then she has taken additional literature and writing courses at the University of Lethbridge and the University of Wisconsin.  Lynda specializes in helping students improve their reading, writing, and conversation skills.  In addition to her Learning Centre time, she teaches reading and English courses in the College and University Preparatory program.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Susan Brewer, instructor, has been employed at the LCC for over ten years in various capacities.  For the last six years, she has worked as an instructor in the Learning Centre helping students with basic skills in reading, writing, basic math, spelling, and study skills.  In addition to these duties, Susan teaches courses for the College and University Preparatory program.  Susan graduated with a B.A. and B.Ed. from Laurentian University in Ontario.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Sharon Hendrickson, instructor, received her B.Ed. from the University of Lethbridge with a major in mathematics and minors in business education and social studies.  Sharon specializes in assisting students with Physics 10 and 20 and most levels of math, including first year calculus.  She has experience with introductory accounting and also assists students in Word Perfect 6.1, Windows 6, and Excel.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Nunham Stanford, instructor, was born and raised in Alberta and graduated from the University of Alberta in 1960 with a B.Sc. (math major, science minor).  In 1963, he received his graduate diploma in educational administration.  He taught math, science, and business courses in Alberta schools from 1960 to 1992, and he has taught evening and summer high school courses on a part-time basis for LCC from 1969 to 1998.  Nunham joined the staff in the Learning Centre in 1992 to assist students with math and science courses at the college.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Cathy Takeda, instructor, graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 1995 with a B.A. and B.Ed., majoring in Social Studies and minoring in English.  Before coming to LCC, Cathy worked as a teacher in Lethbridge School District #51 and served as a language instructor at the university.  As a Learning Centre instructor, Cathy specializes in helping students with writing, reading, and study skills.  In addition, she has been actively involved for the college in its English as a Second Language program, Orientation to College Learning program, and numerous College and University Preparatory courses.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Walter Plumtree, instructor, obtained a B.A. at Nipissing University, majoring in Canadian History and Western Philosophy, and completed his teacher's practicum year at the University of Calgary. Walter spent six years as a motorcycle driver trainer for the Canada Safety Council.  Before joining the college, Walter also spent one year as an elementary grade special needs teacher and two years as an elementary home room and junior high Social Studies and Language Arts teacher.  In addition to his Learning Centre duties as a writing and basic math instructor, Walter is currently enrolled in the Heavy Duty/Agriculture program at LCC.

WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)In addition to these instructors, the Learning Centre is staffed with peer tutors who handle academic needs relating to specific program content courses.

For further information, please contact the Learning Centre chairperson, Rika Snip, or phone (403) 320-3244.

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