Center for Health & Human Services
Lethbridge Community College
3000 College Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 1L6
Program Administrator: Sharon Herman-Loran
Program Assistant: Rose-Anne Williams
The Family Studies Program provides community-based programs on family-related topics and issues to the residents of Southern Alberta to promote an optimal quality of life for families. Seminars, courses, workshops, and resources are designed for profess ionals and employees in the human services area as well as the community at large -- those who work with families and those who are family participants.

Family Studies has developed a publication and video series for the family in response to present day needs. The publications and videos may be purchased for:

* individual use
* use by families
* instructional use in programs, courses and workshops
* professional self-development

Family Studies publications and videos are professionally produced and are available for purchase through the Lethbridge Community College Bookstore.

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