Further Education

Graduates of the Early Childhood Education program have a number of options available upon completion of their programs at Lethbridge Community College. Besides immediately pursuing employment, many graduates choose to futher their education.

ECE graduates are eligible for partial transfer to such schools as the University of Alberta, University of Regina and the University of Manitoba.

Preliminary discussions are currently exploring opportunities for similar agreements with the University of Victoria, Malaspina University College and the University College of the Fraser Valley for full 2 year transfers.

Students are encouraged to contact other universities and colleges including Ryerson, Pacific Oaks, University of Great Falls and Athabasca University for information on transferability of individual courses.

For further information on other transfer agreements please see the Transfer Agreements for ECE portion of the Lethbridge Community College Online Calendar.

Further Education and Transfer Information Contact :
Ian Thumlert
(403) 329-7224
[email protected]

Early Childhood Education