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Do I need to work in an Early Childhood setting to complete the course?

No, you do not have to be employed in an Early Childhood setting to complete the ECE program. However, you do need to spend time in daycares, nursery schools, family day homes or kindergartens to complete some assignments. Many assignments require observations of children, environments and centres as well as planning and implementing activities and play areas.

Is there a specific order in which I need to complete courses?

We recommend students begin the ECE program with ECE 155 : Introduction to Early Childhood Education. Students need to complete ECE 155, ECE 158, PSY 150, and ECE 165 before completing the first field placement and integration seminar. The order you complete courses depends on your interests, time available and working situation. However, you need to have the necessary prerequisites to enroll in any course. For more information, please see the description of ECE Courses.

Are courses completed at other colleges transferable to Lethbridge Community College?

Some courses are transferable to our college. If you want advanced credit for courses, please send in an official transcript with your college application. Courses completed at some private colleges and institutions are not transferable. Your grades, year completed and course content also determine if courses are transferable. When we receive your application and your transcript, we will advise you about transfer credits. For more information, please see the portion regarding Prior Learning Assessment.

Are your college ECE courses transferable to other colleges?

Some courses do transfer to other colleges depending on course content. If you wish to transfer Lethbridge Community College courses to another college, you are strongly encouraged to investigate transferability before completing a course. For further information, please see the Further Education portion of ECE Online.

What if I need to withdraw from a course after I register?

If you have paid and registered in a course, there will be financial consequences if you withdraw.

Distance Education

When can I enroll in a distance education course?

Students may register in a course at any time throughout the year by calling LCC Registration..

How long do I have to complete each course?

The course start date is determined when you register. The number of course credits determines the length of time you have in which to complete a course:

2 Credits..........5 Months
3 Credits..........6 Months
4 Credits..........8 Months

How long will it take me to complete the entire ECE Certificate program?

The program is usually completed on a part-time basis. Students may enroll in more than one course at a time. However, as each course requires a considerable time commitment to complete the readings and assignments we do recommend that students enroll in only one course when they start the program. There are 9 courses and two field placements with accompanying seminars to complete the Certificate program. Several factors affect the time required to complete the program : the number of courses completed in a year and the number of courses you can complete during each six month period. The time required to complete the program depends on your work and family commitments and the amount of time you can spend on course work.

Can I take the entire Diploma program through Distance Education?

Students can complete the Certificate program through distance education. Only some Diploma level courses are available through distance education at this time. Other Diploma courses are currently in development.

Are bursaries or loans available to distance students?

Bursaries or loans may be available to full-time and part-time students based on financial need. For further information about student loans or bursaries please contact:

Does the Lethbridge College Distance program meet government licensing requirments?

Alberta Students

Daycare Staff Qualifcations and Alberta Family and Social Services are responsible for government certification of child care workers. The college does not grant students their government certification. Upon successful completion of one three credit ECE course, students may apply for Level 1 certification from Daycare Staff Qualifications. Upon successful completion of the college certificate program, students may apply for a Level 2 government certificate. Completion of the diploma program leads to Level 3 certification. For further information about government certification and daycare staffing requirements, please contact Daycare Staff Qualifications at 1-800-661-9754. For further information, please see the portion regarding Career Opportunities.

British Columbia Students

Child Care Facilities Licensing Board in Victoria, B.C. is responsible for licensing child care workers. B.C. students who complete our ECE certificate require some additional courses to meet B.C. requirements for Basic Level 1 certification. Students can complete all the required courses through our college. Please call
(604) 952-1462 for further information.

Other Provinces

Please contact your local daycare licensing agency to determine government requirements. If you do not know who to contact, a day care director or government agency should be able to direct you.

Practicum and Seminars

When do I apply for my field placement and integration seminar?

You may contact our office to enroll in ECE 180 and ECE 190 when you are nearing the completion of the prerequisite courses: ECE 155, ECE 158, ECE 165, and PSY 150. You may enroll in ECE 181 and ECE 191 when you have completed or are nearing the completion of all other certificate level courses.

The college practicum co-ordinator at our college is available from September until the end of April. Distance students must contact the office a minimum of three months prior to their proposed practicum dates. If you wish to complete a practicum during the summer months, you must contact the practicum co-ordinator at our college by March 1. You may complete your practicum during the summer months but your arrangements with our practicum co-ordinator must begin prior to March 1 of that year in order to allow for time to complete the process of securing cooperation of a practicum setting and a faculty supervisor. Fore more information, please see the Practicum and Seminars portion of ECE Online.

Who do I contact to arrange field placement?

The practicum co-ordinator at our college is Joanne Keilty at (403) 329-7272 or 1-800-572-0103.

How are the field placements and integration seminars graded?

The college hires a faculty practicum supervisor to visit students in their practicum site and evaluate assignments and interactions with children. The Daycare Director or other child care personnel will discuss your practicum with our faculty supervisor.

If I work in a daycare or other child care setting, do I need to do a practicum?

If you have five or more years of child care experience in a licensed, approved child care setting, you might be eligible for advanced standing for the first practicum and seminar. When you have completed at least two courses, please contact our office for further information. For more information, please see the Prior Learning Assessment portion of ECE Online.

All students must complete the second field placement and integration seminar. ECE 181 and ECE 191 are not open to challenge or advanced standing.

May I complete the field placements in my own setting?

In some cases, distance students may complete one or more field placements in their own work setting.

General Enquiries Contacts:

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