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There are a great many Early Childhood programs with varied philosophies and goals. Therefore, there are an even greater variety of titles, roles, and responsibilities for people who work with children. Those who work with children may be employed in Family Child Care, Group Child Care, School Systems, Out-of-School Care, Nursery Schools, Private Homes and even Pediatric Wards.

Individuals may have such titles as Child Care Worker (Assistant), Early Childhood Educator/Supervisor/Program Staff, Day-Care Staff, Day-Care Supervisor/Professional/Worker, Early Childhood Professional/Program Staff, Pre-School Supervisor, Teacher Aide, Family Day Home Provider, Kindergarten/Elementary Assistant or Aide, Special Needs/Speech & Language Assistant or Aide, or Nanny.

These are just a few of the many titles one may encounter in the Early Childhood field.

Regulations and Certifications

In Alberta, there are three levels of licencing for individuals in the Early Childhood Education profession. Completion of the Certificate Program leads to Level 2 (Alberta) certification, while completion of the Diploma leads to Level 3 (Alberta) certification. To be a director of a day care in Alberta, a two year diploma is required. Licencing varies from province to province but in Alberta is administered by the Department of Family and Social Services. Alberta students with regulation or certification questions are encouraged to contact the Alberta Department of Family and Social Services or for specific questions relating to Day Care Staff Qualifications call 1-800-661-9754. Out of province students are encouraged to contact their own provincial department of Family and Social Services or equivalent.

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