Welcome to the Centre for Teaching and Learning's website that guides you through our Internet Training. This site is meant to be used in conjuction with an actual class. In the future it will be developed so that faculty can do much of their training online.

Level 1 Training - This level is an introduction to the Internet. It is designed for those who haven't had experience with the internet or for those just starting and wanting a better understanding of what the Internet is and how you can use it.

Level 2 Training - Level two explores the various ways of communicating on the internet. Participants will become proficient at email in addition to being exposed to listservs, newsgroups, computer conferencing, public annotation systems, etc.

Level 3 Training - Level three gives participants opportunity to develop LCC program websites. Web site organisation and web page design will be key concepts during the sessions. In addition, participants will look at including graphics, forms, etc. in their web pages. Currently we use Microsoft FrontPage as our HTML editor - participants can use other products if they so desire.

Level 4 Training - Level four is similar to Level three but participants will be creating course home pages. In addition to web page construction, groupware will be discussed - specifically WEB CT - as means to helping administer an online course.


October 17, 1997

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