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Instructional Certificate Program

The Lethbridge Community College offers an Instructional Certificate Program to all instructional staff; for new, full-time, continuing, and adjunct faculty this program is condition of employment as specified in the current Faculty and Board of Governors Collective Agreement. The course has recently been revised.  This website contains updates information as of April, 1998 and incorporates the new learning outcomes agreed to by FPDCC in March, 1998.

The ICP is a series of courses (eight currently exist, two more are proposed) which are designed to prepare instructors for their teaching role and to support them with current, relevant information on curriculum, instructional design, learning theories., instructional skills, measurement and evaluation, use of media, diversity in the classroom, leadership, and alternate delivery methods.

Instructors are required to complete a total of six courses (three core and three electives) over a five year period. LCC offers at least two courses per year; some courses are offered in a traditional delivery format (set class days and hours); other courses will be delivered in a self-paced mode.

If an instructor has taken comparable post secondary courses or has acquired through work experience outcomes that are highly similar to the outcomes of any of the courses offered through ICP, the instructor should apply for exemption from that course or courses through the ICP subcommittee. A statement of these learning outcomes for specific ICP courses will be available from the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

In addition, LCC is preparing a "grid" of university courses from the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge, Gonzaga University and the University of Great Falls that can be used for ICP credit. If you are currently enrolled in a B.Ed,M.Ed or M.A. program through one of these institutions, you should not assume that you would be granted automatic exemption from ICP after your program is completed. You are still required to check with the ICP subcommittee to see if the courses you have completed qualify for exemption. To determine your level of participation in the Instructional Certificate program, you should seek advice from the Centre for Teaching and Learning and communicate your intentions relative to the program to the ICP subcommittee by the end of your first semester of employment at LCC.

ICP courses are considered to be equivalent to university level courses and may be used for credit toward an advancement on the LCC salary scale, in accordance with the Collective agreement, up to and including Catagory E on the salary grid. LCC provides this program to all of its instructional staff as a benefit to them, their students, and the institution as a whole. LCC has a strong commitment to quality teaching, and the Instructional Certificat Program is designed to provide teachers with a strong and varied set of skills and abilities to support our adult learners.

Enrollment Procedure

The Instructional Credential Program is a condition of employment for all academic staff members who are in the following instructional categories:  full-time faculty and adjunct faculty.  New employees must communicate their intentions to the Faculty Professional Development Coordinating Committee (FPDCC) seeking exemption (full or partial) from the requirements of the program or deciding to participate in the program.   This communication must be in writing and completed within the first term the staff member is employed.

Exemption Criteria

Full exemption from the ICP program is currently being granted for certain qualifications.  To receive full or partial exemption the applicant must provide evidence to show that they have met the learning outcomes set out for the ICP program.  This evidence may take the form of courses completed at university, experience in teaching, workshops/training completed, etc.  Submit the documentation to the Centre for Teaching and Learning.  You should accompany your documentation with a letter outlining how each outcome has been met.  For precedents set for exemption, please see Lucelle Prindle in the Centre for Teaching and Learning.



Updated: October 28, 1998

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