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General FAQ's

Who do Rehabilitation Practitioners work with?

Rehabilitation Practitioners careers include working with children, youth, adults and older adults who have a disability. While the program focuses on students preparing to work with people who have developmental disabilities graduates have also found employment working with the elderly, individuals who have experienced a brain injury and persons who have mental health concerns.

What is the CPT?

CPT stands for Computerized Placement Test. The CPT is an academic skills assessment test that students may be required to complete prior to entry to a program.

If my CPT test scores are low, will I be allowed to enter the program?

If your test scores are low, you have several options available to you. You may retake the test if you feel you could score higher. You may also take advantage of the Learning Centre, and, through their courses and guidance, you will gain the support you need to be successful at college. In addition, you may take a modified program and complete the program in three years instead of two.

What is the difference between an official transcript and a non official transcript?

Official transcripts must be ordered from the institution you attended (high school and/or post secondary institutions), and they are sent directly from that institution to the Lethbridge Community College (LCC). The student never receives a copy of the official transcript, although they can request a non-official transcript for their personal records.

Do I have to send official transcripts if I only want to take one course?

No, if you only wish to take 1-4 courses (2 maximum per semester), you may enroll as an Occasional student.  You must still complete the blue registration form and send in a $40.00 non-refundable fee with your tuition for the selected course(s).  If you register as an occasional student, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the program after you have completed four courses.

I have worked in the field for five years, am I able to get credit for my work and life experiences?

Through Prior Learning Assessment, you are able to develop a portfolio and apply for credit for your volunteer work, life experiences, workshops and work experience. For more information contact Norma Baird-Duske at the Assessment Centre at (403) 320-3368 or toll free at 1-800-572-0103.  More information is available regarding PLA on the Prior Learning Assessment portion of RSP Online.

I have taken the Basic Skills Training Course through the Alberta Association for Rehabilitation Centres, am I able to get credit for this course at LCC?

Depending upon which edition of the Basic Skills Training Course you have taken, you can be awarded up to three credits toward your Rehabilitation Services diploma through Prior Learning Assessment.

Distance Education FAQ's


Do I have to go to Lethbridge if I want to complete a Rehabilitation Services diploma by distance education?

No, you are able to complete all of your courses from your home community.  L.C.C. offers the first year curriculum while Grant MacEwan College offers the second year courses by distance.

How do I apply to the program?

If you have the academic entrance requirements and you intend on taking more than four courses:
  1. Complete the blue application form. This form will admit you to the college and get you into the college system by assigning you an identification number. The code for Rehabilitation Services Distance Education students is 2191.
  2. Decide which course or courses you would like to take, and complete the small white course registration form.
  3. Send in both forms with a cheque or money order for $40.00 (non-refundable admission fee) and the cost of the course(s).
  4. Send your completed forms to:
  5. Rehabilitation Services Distance Education Program
    Centre for Distance Education
    Lethbridge Community College
    3000 College Drive South
    Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 1L6
  6. Order official transcripts from your high school and any post-secondary education institution which you have attended.
  7. If you have already been assigned an L.C.C. identification number, you may register over the phone with your VISA or Master Card, or you may send in a white course form with a cheque to cover the course costs.

Can I still take courses if I do not have the academic entrance requirements?

Yes, you can take up to four courses as an Occasional student which does not require you to send in official transcripts.  Apply as indicated above but do not use the 2191 code.  If you are successful in completing four courses from the Rehabilitation curriculum, you may apply to the program as an Alternate Admissions Applicant.  Your completed course work and work/life experiences will be considered in your application but does not guarantee your admission into the program.

How do I do a practicum as a distance student?

Practicums are done in your home community.  Prior to registering for a practicum course, contact Sue Huffman toll free at 1-800-572-0103 or directly at (403) 329-7253. You will need to give Sue two - three months to make the initial contacts and set up your practicum.  It is helpful if you have several ideas as to where in your home community you would like to complete your practicum.

Is it okay if I complete my distance course prior to the stated end date?

Yes, you may work as fast as you wish. If you need longer than your original end date, you may apply for a one-time four month extension for $40.00.

If I complete the first year at LCC and the second year at Grant MacEwan Community College, whose diploma will I receive?

In the initial stages of your studies, you should decide which diploma you wish to receive, and then contact that college to ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses for that college's diploma. If you wish to receive an LCC diploma, please contact Sue Huffman at 1-800-572-0103 or directly at (403) 329-7253.

Am I able to receive a student loan to study by distance education?

You are able to apply for a loan, but you must be studying on a full-time basis. Presently, this means that you must be enrolled in 15 credits worth of courses at one time and you must complete these courses in four months. As you can imagine, this is very difficult, and we encourage students to begin with only one course. There are part-time bursaries and awards available through the Student Awards Office at 1-800-572-0103 or directly at (403) 320-3367.

What can I expect from my instructors if they are in Lethbridge and I am here?

Your instructor will contact you initially to introduce themselves and to explain a bit more about the course. You will receive their phone number and may contact them anytime that you are having difficulty, need support, or would like to discuss the course materials further. Some of the instructors will also communicate by E-mail or Fax if you find these forms of communication beneficial. The instructor will grade your assignments and exams, and they will provide you with feedback on an on-going basis. If you have any questions, concerns, or need to discuss course materials, please feel free to contact your instructor.

How will I know which courses I need to take for my diploma?

A copy of our curriculum is available on the Distance Education portion of RSP Online. The Distance Co-ordinator will help you plan your program of study and may be reached at 1-800-572-0103 or directly at (403) 329-7253

Practicum FAQ's (On Campus Students Only)

How do I arrange a practicum?

The Practicum Co-ordinator will help you arrange your practicum. You will meet with the Practicum Co-ordinator to discuss your interests, preferences and the experience you wish to gain. From there, the Practicum Co-ordinator will arrange your practicum on your behalf.

How many practicums do I need to complete?

In the first year of the program there are three practicums; one in the fall semester, one in the winter, and one in the spring. In the second year there are two practicums, one in the fall and one in the winter.  A full description of practicums is provided on the practicum portion of RSP Online.

I have worked in the field of Rehabilitation for several years and want to know if I have to take all of the practicums?

Students who have considerable experience in the field can consider Prior Learning AssessmentAdvanced Credit can be applied for RSP 140, the spring practicum of the first year if the student has worked full time for a year and been successful in RSP 130.

What types of places and agencies support practicum students?

The Practicum Co-ordinator works closely with the student to ensure the student gains a wide range of work experiences. Practicums in the first year are arranged for each student in at least one residential, one vocational, and one educational setting. Students can also request specific settings in their second year. Some examples of locations in Southern Alberta include :

Can I do my practicums out of town if I am an on campus student in the program?

The answer to this question is, "that depends". During the fall and winter semesters, students may choose to complete a practicum at an agency in a neighbouring community such as Coaldale, Fort McLeod, Taber and Magrath. We will consider student requests if the agency is within a one hour travel radius from Lethbridge.
Students may choose to complete the first year spring practicum, RSP 140, anywhere they choose. The student must locate a suitable agency that is willing to support a student. It is also necessary that the student have access to e-mail for communication with the instructor. During the past several years, some students have completed RSP 140 practicum internationally in England, the United States and Australia. Students have also completed this course in large cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, or in small, remote centers in the Yukon, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Of course students can always choose to complete the practicum right here in Southern Alberta.

Distance Education Contact:
Sue Huffman
(403) 329-7253
[email protected]
On Campus Practicum Contact:
Debbie Baggs de Cabezas
(403) 320-3277
[email protected]

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