Faculty Biographies and Contact Information
Debbie Baggs de Cabezas and Sue Huffman are two of the instructors in the Rehabilitation Services program.  They are available to answer any inquiries you may have regarding the program but are not on campus on a full time basis from the end of May until mid August.  Please leave an e-mail or a detailed voice message.  Debbie coordinates the practicum component, while Sue is responsible for the Distance Education Option.

 Ian Thumlert is the Team Leader for the Health and Human Services Centre.  He is available all year to answer your questions regarding  the Rehabilitation Services program.

If you are phoning from outside the local calling area you may phone 1-800-572-0103.  Please ask specifically for any of the following people.
For more information on a specific person follow the link from their name.
Ian  Thumlert (403) 329-7224 [email protected]
Debbie Baggs de Cabezas (403) 320-3277 [email protected]
Sue Huffman (403) 329-7253 [email protected]
Rita Perry (403) 320-3464 [email protected]
Nadine Storrier (403) 320-3403
Carolyn Luca (403) 320-3458
Fred Neale (403) 329-7255
Donna Farkas (403) 320-3422
Corinne Maloney (403) 382-6931
Bill Alles (403) 327-9649 [email protected]
Don Lacey (403) 380-5297 [email protected]
Diane Kotkas (403) 320-9119

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