Career Opportunities
There are a great many Rehabilitation Services agencies with varied philosophies and goals.  Therefore, there are an even greater variety of titles, roles, and responsibilities for people working in the field. This variety is clearly shown by the settings in which LCC graduates may work, including residential settings, vocational organizations, family support, advocacy, school systems, early intervention programs, early childhood settings/agencies, and daycares.

Examples of job possibilities include:

1.  Residential

2.  Vocational and Day Option Support 3.  Educational (from ECE, elementary, high school & post secondary settings) 4.  Other Most organizations prefer prospective employees to hold a diploma from a Rehabilitation Services Program. Overall, the diploma makes students highly employable, in fact, the Rehabilitation Services program boasts a 96% placement rate among completed diploma students.

For more information please see our PowerPoint presentation on Rehabilitation Services - the Profession.

Career and Employment Contacts:
Debbie Baggs de Cabezas
(403) 320-3277
[email protected]

Student Employment Resource Center
Lethbridge Community College
(403) 320-3298
[email protected]

          - a listing of jobs advertised in various Canadian newspapers

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