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- 16 week credential
- starts in January only

The Unit Clerk Training credit program is a 16-week program with 13-weeks of theory and three-weeks of practicum in a workplace setting. Students will develop basic understanding of hospital organization, nursing organization, medical terminology, processing doctor’s orders, communication within the hospital, hospital safety, the Unit Clerk’s role in emergencies, hospital use of metric system, patient’s records, time management and computer literacy.




Fees Due Nov. 29, 1999
Lectures Begin Jan. 4, 2000
Add/Drop Period Jan. 4-11, 2000
Last day to Withdraw March 28, 2000
Last Day of Lectures April 20, 2000
No Classes Feb. 21-25, 2000
Field Trips n/a
Practicum Placement n/a
Final Exams April 24-27, 2000


New students are accepted into the Unit Clerk Training program for the Winter term only and is based on employment demand.

Academic Requirements
Applicants are required to have an Alberta high school diploma or equivalent and proof of typing a minimum of 30 words/minute.

Medical Requirements
Applicants are required to submit a report identifying immunization against common communicable diseases prior to the practicum placement. Applicants are also required to undergo a medical examination and submit the physician’s report prior to the start of classes. Hepatitis B inoculation (first of a series) prior to practicum placement is strongly recommended. Annual Tuberculosis testing and record of contact or infection with Varicella

Professional Requirements
Applicants should have an expressed interest in developing the skills necessary to perform the technical functions of a Unit Clerk. In order to obtain employment and have a practicum in a hospital setting and/or a private agency, the applicant will be required to have a criminal record check. The cost is approximately $25. The impact of certain criminal records on program completion and employment will be discussed prior to acceptance into the program.


Studentsı Association
$ 40
Books and Supplies
$ 457

All fees are approximate and are based on a full credit load for each program (the number of credits may depend upon the elective courses selected) and is subject to change. Costs of books and supplies are estimated. Supply costs include only the specialized materials and equipment needed for the program and not basic stationery supplies. The LCC Studentsı Association fees are subject to change. For more detailed information on tuition fee calculation and other fees, students are advised to consult the FEES section of this Calendar.


Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to apply related employment, volunteer, educational or training experiences toward the completion of the program. For information on Prior Learning Assessment, students should contact the Registrarıs Office.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, completion of a comprehensive exam with a minimum 80% and completion of practicum, students are eligible for a Credential of Academic Achievement for Unit Clerk Training.


Graduates will have a basic understanding of hospital and nursing organization, medical terminology and computer literacy. Employers will be able to hire individuals who have received pre-employment training. The areas of employment would be hospitals, long-term care facilities, doctor’s offices, and home care community wellness centres.


None available at this time.


Courses Hours Credits
COM 162 Interpersonal Relationships and Communications 48 3
CPL 100 Careers for the 21st Century 48 3
CPU 151 Introduction to Computers 48 3
HTH 121 Hospital Administration 32 2
HTH 125 Patient’s Records / Transcribing Orders 48 3
HTH 131 Practicum (3 weeks) 120 2
OAA 233 Medical Office Procedures 80 5
Total 472 hours 21 credits


COM 162 Interpersonal Relationships and Communications (3 credits) DLS This course Improves the self concept of students as well as provide them with the skills to successfully relate with other people on a personal, social and business basis. Designed for personal growth and attitudinal change, this course provides opportunities to develop communication skills, recognition and understanding of self concept, skills in enhancing interpersonal relationships, procedures for goal setting and techniques in decision making. Not available for supplemental or challenge. AU/UC/UA.

CPL 100 Careers for the 21st Century (3 credits) This course covers the methods of gathering information about themselves and about employment opportunities in order to make well informed career- related decisions. Topics include self-assessment, job market research, decision making, networking, resume writing, interviewing and entrepreneurship. Not available for challenge or supplemental.

CPU 151 Introduction to Computers (3 credits) This course is an introduction to personal computers. Students review the components and operation of microcomputers and gain a working knowledge of the operating system, word processing, spreadsheet and database software. Forms the basis for computer applications and subsequent courses in the respective program areas. AU/KUC/UC.

HTH 121 Hospital Administration (2 credits)
This course covers a basic understanding of the hospital and how various units and systems work within the hospital setting. Topics include: hospital organization, nursing organization, safety, emergencies and security, body mechanics and ergonomics, telephone and reception as well as time and stress management. Not available for supplemental.

HTH 125 Patient’s Records / Transcribing Orders (3 credits)
This course covers the complete job of processing orders by providing them with information on basic medical records and charts, legality and confidentiality, understanding necessary symbols, supplies and requisitions to complete the job, communication regarding transfers, and processing orders wherever required. Not available for supplemental.

HTH 131 Practicum (2 credit)
This course is three weeks (working full-time) working in the appropriate setting as a Unit Clerk. Students will demonstrate familiarity with Unit Clerk duties: 1) an awareness of hospital rules, policies, and procedures; 2) competency in the processing of physician’s orders; 3) an awareness of causes of stress in the unit clerk environment; 4 an understanding of the process of admission, transfer and discharge of patients; and 5) an awareness of hospital departments and their functions. Graded CR/NCR.

OAA 233 Medical Office Procedures (5 credits) Prerequisite: familiarity with Wordperfect or Microsoft Word recommended. This course covers the knowledge and skills required to work in a medical office environment. The course content provides theory as well as hands-on practice in order to competently perform business functions related to the medical office. Topics to be covered: medical terminology; Alberta Health Care billing, and out-of-province billing; communication skills; legal aspects; records management; recordkeeping; and a look at the different branches of medicine.


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