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Lethbridge Community College

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- two-year diploma
- starts in September, January or May


Our society is presently undergoing some most rapid and widespread changes since the Industrial Revolution. Community service agencies are having to deal with reduced government funding and an aging population. These forces have resulted in new career opportunities with non-profit community organizations, businesses and institutions.

Professional training in organizational administration has never before been more important. Those who manage community agencies are finding that they require formal training and are returning to College to take courses relevant to their agencyıs needs. Students needing to work with people in a variety of institutional and community settings are enrolling in organizational administration courses to gain entry into agencies or to start their own businesses. If you enjoy working with people, helping them organize activities and accomplish their goals, this could be the training program for you. Students take a prescribed selection of courses which cover the areas of communication, service delivery, finance, planning, management, marketing, entrepreneurship and field work.




Fees Due August 4, 1999 Nov. 29, 1999
Lectures Begin Sep. 1, 1999 Jan. 4, 2000
Add/Drop Period Sep. 1-9, 1999 Jan. 4-11, 2000
Last day to Withdraw Nov. 17, 1999 March 28, 2000
Last Day of Lectures December 13, 1999 April 20, 2000
No Classes Sep.6, Oct.11, Nov.11 Feb. 21-25, 2000
Field Trips n/a n/a
Practicum Placement n/a n/a
Final Exams Dec. 14-17, 1999 April 24-27, 2000


New students are admitted into the Non-Profit Management program in the Fall term only.

Academic Requirements
Applicants are required to have an Alberta High School Diploma or equivalent. Applicants are recommended to have a minimum 65% in English 30 or 33.

Alternate Admission applicants are required to have received a minimum 60th percentile in Reading and 50th percentile on Sentence Skills sections of the Computerized Placement Test, available from the Collegeıs Assessment Centre.


Studentsı Association
Books and Supplies

All fees are approximate and are based on a full credit load for each program (the number of credits may depend upon the elective courses selected) and is subject to change. Costs of books and supplies are estimated. Supply costs include only the specialized materials and equipment needed for the program and not basic stationery supplies. The LCC Studentsı Association fees are subject to change. For more detailed information on tuition fee calculation and other fees, students are advised to consult the FEES section of this Calendar.


Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to apply related employment, volunteer, educational or training experiences toward the completion of the program. For information on Prior Learning Assessment, students should contact the Registrarıs Office.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students are awarded a Diploma in Non-Profit Management.


Employment can be found in agencies ranging from recreational, service, and institutional, to established businesses or in creating a small business. Employment examples include: non-profit community organization management, service agency management, tourism organizations, recreation departments, economic development administration, small business management and sport administration. These organizations require professionally trained administrators who can fund raise, supervise staff, market services and provide for the general management of the organization.


Athabasca University
Lethbridge Community College has signed an agreement with Athabasca University in Alberta to allow graduates of LCCıs Non-Profit Management program to pursue the Bachelor of Administration degree at LCC.


  • Students should expect that a minimum of one class each term is offered in the late afternoon or evening. This may interfere with employment opportunities, family obligations, etc. but is necessary to fit the schedules of instructors and certain students.
  • Students are advised that course availability is limited. Failing or withdrawing from courses in a given term may cause serious disruption to the student’s progress through the program. Students enrolling in a course for the first time have priority over those students repeating the course.
  • Fieldwork placements may be completed during Fall, Winter or Spring terms and may conflict with employment for students. Fieldwork may be combined with suitable summer employment, but often such assignments are voluntary. Final Fieldwork evaluations must be completed by the end of June.

Year I Fall Term Hours/Week Credits
CPU 151 Introduction to Computers (0-3) 3
ENG 158 Business Writing (3-0) 3
ORG 298 Field Work (320 hours) 3
ORG 250 Introduction to Community Services (4-0) 4
ORG 253 Community Services Delivery (4-0) 4
ORG 270 Organizational Administration (4-0) 4
Total 21 credits

Year I Winter Term Hours/Week Credits
ACC 272 Accounting for Managers (5-0) 5
CPU 251 Computer Applications (3-0) 3
ORG 160 Volunteer Development (3-0) 3
ORG 254 Public Relations (3-0) 3
ORG 262 Organizational Fund Raising (3-0) 3
ORG 271 Organizational Behaviour (3-0) 3
Total 20 credits

Year II Fall Term Hours/Week Credits
BUS 298 Human Resource Management (5-0) 5
ECN 181 Microeconomics (5-0) 5
ORG 261 Operational & Strategic Planning (3-0) 3
ORG 255 Organizational Theory (3-0) 3
ORG 284 Principles of Marketing (3-0) 3
Total 19 credits

Year II Winter Term Hours/Week Credits
BUS 166 Business Law (3-0) 3
ORG 299 Field Work (320 hours) 3
ECN 253 Macroeconomics (5-0) 5
ORG 251 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (3-0) 3
ORG 268 Problem Solving (4-0) 4
Total 18 credits





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