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- one year certificate program
- starts in September



The Massage Therapy one-year certificate program focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for employment as a Massage Therapist. The program is designed to facilitate acquisition of knowledge and skills for a profession in the holistic health care field.

The field of Massage Therapy demands considerable personal commitment, professionalism and physical and emotional stamina.
The curriculum includes significant amounts of study and practicum experience. Student performance in the practicum is closely monitored to ensure appropriate skill and personal development.
Interested students are advised of the demands upon their personal and leisure time of such an integrated work-study approach.




Fees Due August 4, 1999 Nov. 29, 1999
Lectures Begin Sep. 1, 1999 Jan. 4, 2000
Add/Drop Period Sep. 1-9, 1999 Jan. 4-11, 2000
Last day to Withdraw Nov. 17, 1999 March 28, 2000
Last Day of Lectures December 13, 1999 April 20, 2000
No Classes Sep. 6, Oct. 11, Nov. 11 Feb. 21-25, 2000
Field Trips n/a n/a
Practicum Placement n/a n/a
Final Exams Dec. 14-17, 1999 April 24-27, 2000


New students are accepted into the Massage Therapy one-year certificate in the Fall term only.

Academic Requirements
Applicants are required to have an Alberta High School Diploma or equivalent, with a minimum of 60% in one of Biology 30, Chemistry 30 or Science 30 (Biology 30 is recommended); English 30 or 33 and Math 30 or 33.

Professional Suitability
With the application, students are required to provide a letter of intent describing their background, work experience, reasons for wanting to enrol in the program and the nature of employment intended after graduation.

Medical Requirements
Applicants must present evidence of a recent medical examination including tuberculosis test and evidence of current immunization against communicable diseases in Alberta. It is strongly recommended that applicants receive Hepatitis B inoculation prior to practicum placement. Annual tuberculosis testing and record of contact with Varicella is also required.


Studentsı Association
$ 94
Books and Supplies

All fees are approximate and are based on a full credit load for each program (the number of credits may depend upon the elective courses selected) and is subject to change. Costs of books and supplies are estimated. Supply costs include only the specialized materials and equipment needed for the program and not basic stationery supplies. The LCC Studentsı Association fees are subject to change. For more detailed information on tuition fee calculation and other fees, students are advised to consult the FEES section of this Calendar.


Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to apply related employment, volunteer, educational or training experiences toward the completion of the program. For information on Prior Learning Assessment, students should contact the Registrarıs Office.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students are awarded a Certificate in Massage Therapy.

  1. Students must have valid First Aid and CPR certificates in order to graduate.


With a vastly expanding market for health related services, the profession of massage therapy can be seen as having high job potential. Graduates could develop their own practice, either independently or in conjunction with other health care professionals.


None available at this time.


Fall Term Hours Credits
BIO 145 Anatomy and Physiology (3-2) 5
FAD 150 First Aid and CPR (1-1) 2
MAS 140 Basic Massage (2-3) 5
MAS 146 Contemporary Issues (2-0) 2
MKT 188 Marketing (5-0) 5
Total 19 credits

Winter Term Hours Credits
MAS 130 Pathology (3-0) 3
MAS 145 Advanced Massage (1-3) 4
MAS 147 Massage Techniques I (3-2) 5
BUS 158 Small Business Management. (5-0) 5
CPU 151 Introduction to Computers (0-3) 3
Total 20 credits

Spring Term Hours Credits
MAS 120 Practicum 5
MAS 121 Special Project 5
Total 10 credits


MAS 120 Practicum (5 credits)
Prerequisite: MAS 145.
This course is 224 hours of working in an appropriate setting with the opportunity to perform massage in a supervised setting.

MAS 121 Special Project (5 credits)
Corequisite: MAS 147.
Students will select a topic of their own interest on a special population, i.e. Infants, geriatrics, pre or post-natal clients and complete a supervised research and study project along with practical application.

MAS 130 Pathology (3 credits)
This course provides students with the understanding of pathology as it relates to basic structure and functioning of body systems In detail study, pathology as it relates to massage and painful tissues. Students will learn which pathologies they can and cannot affect with massage.

MAS 140 Basic Massage (5 credits)
This course introduces students to practical massage techniques and theory. Included will be physiological, psychological and mechanical effects of massage, indications and contraindications and introduction to strokes. Involves hands-on practice.

MAS 145 Advanced Massage (4 credits)
This course reviews of basics and move on to explore greater depth of massage treatment techniques and advanced strokes. Hands-on practice.

MAS 146 Contermporary Issues in Massage Therapy (2 credits)
This course will explore the ethical issues related to the massage profession and societal attitudes. The course will provide students with the skills to successfully relate with other people on a personal, social and business basis.

MAS 147 Massage Techniques (5 credits)
Prerequisite: MAS 145.
An introduction to trigger point work, hydrotherapy, beginning application of acupressure massage, chair massage and reflexology will be presented. Body mechanics and use of these techniques in massage situations will be covered.


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