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Lethbridge Community College

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- two year diploma
- starts in September



Training in the interior design field is provided at the preprofessional assistant level. Employment opportunities are open as design assitants, consultants, or merchandisers in the residential and commercial fields. Accreditation will be sought with the Foundation of Interior Design Education Research (FIDER) and students may become members of the Register interior Designers of Alberta. The electives give the learner the option of pursuing the small business route and/or university transfer.




Fees Due August 4, 1999 Nov. 29, 1999
Lectures Begin Sep. 1, 1999 Jan. 4, 2000
Add/Drop Period Sep. 1-9, 1999 Jan. 4-11, 2000
Last day to Withdraw Nov. 17, 1999 March 28, 2000
Last Day of Lectures December 13, 1999 April 20, 2000
No Classes Sep .6, Oct. 11, Nov .11 Feb. 21-25, 2000
Field Trips n/a n/a
Practicum Placement n/a n/a
Final Exams Dec. 14-17, 1999 April 24-27, 2000


New students are accepted into the Interior Design and Merchandising program for the Fall term.

Academic Requirements
Applicants are required to have an Alberta High School diploma with a minimum 55% in Grade 12 Math. Alternate admission applicants are required to have completed the Computerized Placement Test (CPT).

  1. Interior Design and Merchandising is a cost recovery program and requires a minimum enrollment to be offered. Please contact the Admissions Office regarding program status.
  2. Students who plan to seek transfer with Mount Royal College’s Applied Degree in Interior Design should familiarize themselves with the Mount Royal College’s admission requirements, which are currently Alberta Math 30, English 30 or equivalent and a portfolio submission.


Studentsı Association
$ 99
$ 88
Books and Supplies
not available

All fees are approximate and are based on a full credit load for each program (the number of credits may depend upon the elective courses selected) and is subject to change. Costs of books and supplies are estimated. Supply costs include only the specialized materials and equipment needed for the program and not basic stationery supplies. The LCC Studentsı Association fees are subject to change. For more detailed information on tuition fee calculation and other fees, students are advised to consult the FEES section of this Calendar.

* costs for books and supplies for the second year are unavailable, so the total program costs for Year II of Interior Design and Merchandising are unknown.


Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to apply related employment, volunteer, educational or training experiences toward the completion of the program. For information on Prior Learning Assessment, students should contact the Registrarıs Office.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students are awarded a Diploma in Interior Design and Merchandising.


Graduates may obtain employment as interior design assistants, consultants or merchandiers in the residential and commercial fields.


Mount Royal College
Efforts are being made to couple the LCC Interior Design and Merchandising program with Mount Royal College’s new applied degree in Interior Design, however, an official transfer agreement is not in place at the time of printing.

Career and Technology Studies
The Interior Design and Merchandising program has a link to Career and Technology Studies taught at the secondary level through the Southwestern Alberta Technology Preprartion Program. One unassigned credit will be given for the transfer of the follwoing modules: DES 308 Living Environments and DES 309 Living Environments Studio. One unassigned creddit will be granted for the total combination of the following: DES 150 CAD Fundamentals, DES 106 Drafting for Design Fundamentals, DES 203 Cad Applications and DES Computer Aided Design and Modelling.


Year I Fall Term Hours/Week Credits
BUS 173 Information Management Applications (5-0) 5
DRF 152 Introductory Drafting (2-4) 6
FDM 155 Textiles and Fabric Design I (1-2) 3
IDM 150 History of Interiors (3-0) 3
IDM 151 Representation I (1-2) 3
IDM 155 Introduction to Interior Design (3-0) 3
IDM 160 Design Studio I (0-3) 3
Total 26 credits

Year I Winter Term Hours/Week Credits
BUS 158 Small Business Management (5-0) 5
CAD 150 Computer Assisted Drafting (1-2) 3
FDM 187 Visual Display (1-2) 3
IDM 152 Representation II (1-2) 3
IDM 162 Design Fundamentals (6-0) 6
IDM 165 Interior Detailing (3-0) 3
IDM 170 Colour, Materials and Lighting (3-0) 3
Total 26 credits

Year II Fall Term Hours/Week Credits
ENG 156 Business Writing (3-0) 3
DES 250 History of Design (3-0) 3
MKT 156 Merchandising (5-0) 5

Electives (minimum 12 credits)
CAD 250 Advanced CAD (1-3) 4
FDM 101 Industrial Sewing (0-1) 1
FDM 263 Drapery Production (1-2) 3
IDM 255 Matting, Framing and Decor (1-2) 3
IDM 257 Estimating (3-0) 3
IDM 270 Practicum (0-3) 3
MKT 188 Marketing (5-0) 5
Total 23 credits

Year II Winter Term Hours/Week Credits
ACC 126 Accounting Basics (3-0) 3
DRF 162 Architectural Design and Drafting (1-3) 4
IDM 260 Design Studio II (0-3) 3
MGT 155 Customer and Team Relations (3-0) 3

Electives (minimum 10 credits)
DRF 224 Advanced Drafting (1-2) 3
FDM 156 Textiles and Fabric Design II (1-2) 3
FDM 296 Industry Career Studies (0-3) 3
IDM 269 Upholstery Production (1-2) 3
IDM 270 Practicum (0-3) 3
MKT 279 Applied Sales (1-2) 3
Total 23 credits





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