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Apprenticeship is a combination of 'on the job' and technical training leading to certification as a Journeyman. The Apprenticeship Program comes under the administration of Apprenticeship and Industry Training of Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development. The participant with Federal and Provincial Government participation jointly funds it.

As a Cook Apprentice the individual will learn through observation, practice and study. As an Apprentice, trainees work under the supervision of a qualified Journeyman and become familiar with the principles, skills, tools and materials of the trade. This industry experience is supplemented with technical training through the Weekly Apprenticeship Training System for Cooks (WATS)

WATS allows the participant to attend 40 days of technical training, generally on a once a week basis. Students therefore have the opportunity to complete their technical training while continuing to earn an income. W.A.T.S also reinforces technical knowledge by allowing the students the opportunity to apply new skills immediately at the workplace.

The completion term for a Cook Apprentice is three years. Students who have completed the Commercial Cooking Certificate can generally challenge their first year Government Test and, if successful, proceed into WATS Level II. Students, who have completed their Professional Cooking Diploma, may similarly enter WATS Level III. All admission requirements apply.


Fees Due August 19, 1999 August 18, 1999 August 17, 1999
Lectures Begin September 2, 1999
September 22, 1999
August 31, 1999
Class Days *Generally Thursdays *Generally Wednesdays *Generally Tuesdays
Government Exams May 18, 2000 May 18, 2000 May 18, 2000

* A detailed schedule is distributed the first day of classes


Apprentices need to be indentured (bound by contract) to an employer who has agreed to provide the opportunity to work and gain experience in the Cooking Trade. Apprenticeship training is offered to Registered Apprentices in Alberta only.

Minimum academic requirements include a Grade 9 education or equivalent. For further information contact the local Apprenticeship Office:

Canada/Alberta Service Centre
Provincial Building
200-5th Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4C7
Phone (403) 381-5380 Fax (403) 381-5795
Email: [email protected]

Indentured Apprentices hoping to participate in the WATS Program, must apply directly to the Registrar in Student Services in order to reserve a space. Students are required to complete a personal medical profile and to update their immunization prior to entry into the program. Applicants may be required to complete a follow-up medical at the discretion of the College Health Center.

  1. All WATS students must follow the sanitation, hygiene and safety practices standard to the industry and present themselves in the following condition whenever entering any of the Food Service Labs. Students must be clean shaven (moustaches and well-trimmed beards acceptable), hair must be clean and controlled, students wear white uniforms, aprons and approved footwear.


Technical Course fees are charged at a rate established by Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development. Students are also required to pay Student Association Fees, Laundry Fees as well as Books and Supplies. As per the curriculum, Apprentices may also be required to obtain their Food Safe Certification and an Introductory First Aid course. These courses are available through the College and fees for these course are the responsibility of the apprentice.


The curriculum for WATS has been set by Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development, in conjunction with industry. Modern foodservice practices are implemented into this curriculum on a regular basis. Copies are available at the local Apprenticeship office (see Admission Requirements) and are distributed to students entering apprenticeship.

The curriculum is delivered through an effective blend of classroom study and practical lab training. Modular format with computer interaction is effective in the delivery of the theory components.



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