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- one-year certificate
- starts in August, November and February


The Professional Cooking one-year certificate program develops the skills required to function effectively in an entry-level cooking position in the industry.

This program is noted for both its industry education component and its Learning Management System (LMS) format. There is an effective blend of classroom study, practical lab training and off-campus work experience. It goes well beyond the traditional training programs because students spend one, sixteen-week work experience block in the work force and are paid by the employer. LMS is a modularized approach to learning and testing which allows for self-pacing. It requires planning a study schedule, completing requirements in a negotiated time, and managing time effectively to meet deadlines.


Lab A (11 weeks)
August 30 - November 12, 1999
Lab B (11 weeks)
November 15, 1999 - February 11, 2000
Lab C (11 weeks)
February 14 - April 28, 2000
Industry Placement
May - August, 2000


New students are accepted into the Professional Cooking program for the Fall or Winter terms.

Academic Requirements
Applicants are required to have a minimum of 65 Alberta high school credits, including a minimum of 60% in Math 23 and 60% in English 23 or equivalent. Alternate Admission applicants are required to successfully complete all program pre-admission testing at equivalency level.

Professional Suitability
Applicants are interviewed to help assess suitability for the demands of the program and industry. A group interview is also used as a preliminary program orientation.

Medical Requirements
Applicants are required to complete a personal medical profile and to update their immunization prior to entry into the program. Applicants may be required to complete a follow-up medical at the discretion of the College Health Centre.

  • All students in the Professional Cooking program must follow the sanitation, hygiene and safety practices standard to the industry and present themselves in the following condition whenever entering any of the Food Service Labs: Students must be clean shaven (moustaches are acceptable), hair must be clean and controlled, students wear white uniform and apron and approved footwear.


Studentsı Association
Books and Supplies

All fees are approximate and are based on a full credit load for each program (the number of credits may depend upon the elective courses selected) and is subject to change. Costs of books and supplies are estimated. Supply costs include only the specialized materials and equipment needed for the program and not basic stationery supplies. The LCC Studentsı Association fees are subject to change. For more detailed information on tuition fee calculation and other fees, students are advised to consult the FEES section of this Calendar.


Students accepted into this program have the opportunity to apply related employment, volunteer, educational or training experiences toward the completion of the program. For information on Prior Learning Assessment, students should contact the Registrarıs Office.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students receive a Certificate in Professional Cooking.


See above.


None at this time.


Year I Courses Credits
COC 127 Culinary Careers Introduction 3
- sanitation
- safety
- equipment
- knife skills
* followed by practical testing

COC 128 Restaurant Cooking 15
- breakfast cookery
- sandwiches
- salads and dressings
- dairy products
- coffee and tea
- standardized recipes
* followed by practical testing

COC 129 Quantity Cooking 15
- stocks
- soups
- recipe costing
- control mechanisms
- purchasing food and beverages
- vegetables, rice and pasta
* followed by practical testing

COC 130 Sweet and Savoury 15
- baking ingredients
- yeast goods
- pastries
- cakes
* followed by practical testing
- seasoning
- sauces
- deboning meat, fish and poultry
- cooking meat, fish and poultry
- appetizers
- buffets
* followed by practical testing

COM 137 Communication Skills 1
* only offered November 15 to February 11

COC 131 Nutrition for Cooks 1
* only offered February 14 to April 28

COC 132 Industry Placement 2
* 480 hours of paid employment in industry

Total 52 credits




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