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See Examinations.

Lethbridge Community College recognizes post-secondary courses completed at other institutions for the purpose of meeting LCC graduation requirements. The recognition of these courses is called “advance credit”.

Course more than 7 years old will only be considered for Advance Credit upon the recommendation from the appropriate LCC administrator. In the case of Nursing, this period is 5 years.

Advance Credit is contingent upon the applicant’s admission and registration into a specific LCC program.

Official transcripts of grades from the other institutions must be forwarded to the LCC Registrar’s office prior to Advance Credit assessment. Credits awarded through Advance Credit assessment are not counted in the LCC residency requirements. Only courses in which students have earned a passing grade will be evaluated for Advance Credit. LCC will accept the definition of passing grade as defined by the institution designating the grade.

Students at Lethbridge Community College may use substitute courses to replace required program courses in order to meet program graduation requirements. LCC students may meet graduation criteria for programs by earning credit under several policies. Flexibility for meeting graduation requirements is provided for in the Prior Learning Assessment, Challenge, and Advance Credit policies.

The Substitute Credit policy will increase this flexibility. In order to qualify for an LCC credential, students must complete at least 25% of the credit requirements for the credential through enrolment in LCC courses.

Substitute courses refer to courses completed at LCC and appearing on an LCC transcript. Substitute courses will have similar content/curriculum to the required course for which the request for substitution is being made. More than one substitute course may be combined to replace a required course.

Only successfully completed courses (courses in which students have earned passing grades) will be considered for course substitution. Substitute courses will be recorded on the student's academic record (transcript). Approval for course substitution is in the purview of the Centre Team Leader.

Students should complete an Application for Course Substitution (available in the Registrar's Office) indicating the grade achieved in the course they wish to use as a substitute.

LCC recognizes prior learning through the assignment of credits for skills, knowledge or competencies acquired through work, informal education, self studies or volunteer activities. Credits accumulated through Prior Learning Assessment cannot exceed 75% of the credits required for graduation from a program.

Prior Learning will be assessed using any or all of the following methods:

  • Portfolio assessment: a portfolio is a file or folder of information documenting students’ past experiences. The information contained in the portfolio serves as evidence of learning relevant to the LCC curricula being reviewed for credit.
  • Standardized tests: paper and pencil or computerized tests used to assess theoretical background relevant to the LCC curricula being reviewed for credit.
  • Skills assessment: demonstration of skills within a prescribed environment (laboratory or practicum setting) for the express purpose of assessing the students’ ability to meet outcome skills of an LCC program and obtain relevant LCC credit.
  • Review of employer based training: review of private sector sponsored training programs to compare the privately-offered courses with those offered by LCC. Academic credit is granted when those courses are found to be highly compatible.
  • Prior learning Credits will be assigned by the LCC Centre Team Leader in consultation with the Registrar.

LCC will issue academic credits to students for involvement in Student Government commensurate with their level of responsibility. Student Government includes participation in the LCC Students’ Association by serving on the LCCSA Executive or Student Council
Academic credit may be awarded to eligible students for Student Government as follows:

SGV 101/201 1 credit
SGV 103/203 1 credit
SGV 102/202 2 credits
SGV 104/204 2 credits

Students may earn a maximum of 4 credits per year. Student Government credits will not be considered for eligibility for student loans or contribute to the course load requirements for involvement in Student Council. Student Government courses may be used as elective credits in a specific program at the approval of the appropriate LCC administrator.

Evaluation for participation in Student Government will be the responsibilities of the Vice President Student and Enrolment Services, the LCCSA President (Executive Vice President in the evaluation of the President), and a faculty member appointed by the Faculty Association.

LCC will award academic credit to individual students who participate on LCC intercollegiate teams commensurate with their level of participation. The College recognizes that such experience can contribute to the development of the individual. Participation is limited to those students who are selected to play on one of the LCC intercollegiate teams.

Academic credit may be awarded to eligible students as follows upon recommendation by the Director of Athletics:

ATH 101/201 1 credit
ATH 102/202 2 credits
ATH 103/203 3 credits

A student may earn a maximum of 3 credits per year. Intercollegiate Athletics credits will not be considered for eligibility for student loans nor contribute to the course load requirements for eligibility for participation on an LCC intercollegiate team.

Intercollegiate Athletics credits may be used for determining eligibility for graduation at the discretion of the Centre Team Leader.



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