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ON-LINE CALENDAR (1999-2001)



To be eligible for supplemental status, a course must have a comprehensive final exam. Courses not open to supplemental examination are designated in the Course Description section of the Calendar.

A student who wishes to write a supplemental examination must apply to the Registrar no more than four weeks after receiving a Statement of Marks. The examination must be written before the end of the immediately succeeding term, except in courses that are prerequisite to a sequent course to be taken in the immediately succeeding term in which case the examination must be written not later than the opening day of that term.
Applications for the supplemental examination are available from the Registrar’s Office.

The supplemental examination will have the same value in course grade determination as the original final examination. The supplemental examination mark will replace the original final examination mark in determining the final grade in the course. A student will be allowed one supplemental exam per course per term.

A deferred exam is a final exam granted only to students excused because of extenuating circumstances. Arrangements must be made with the instructor before or on the day of the final exam. Written confirmation will be filed with the Program Leader or Centre Team Leader.

Some credits may be awarded to students in LCC post-secondary courses through the successful completion of challenge examinations or demonstration that competencies in defined outcomes have been attained.

Courses are available for challenge unless otherwise stated in the Course Description section of this Calendar. Courses may be challenged by students currently enroled or accepted into LCC programs leading to an approved credential. Eligibility to write a challenge exam will be determined by the Program Chair or Centre Team Leader. Eligibility will be based on previous experience or alternate study by the student. Challenge exams are not open to students currently or previously enroled in the challenged LCC course.

Grades earned in challenged courses are not included in calculating the GPA, but are designated on the student's transcript. Credits earned through challenged courses are not included in a current credit load for purposes of maintaining full-time student status for student loan or other purposes.

Challenge is available for complete courses only and are not used for partial credit. Challenge credits are not used to meet LCC’s 25% Residency Requirements (see below). In order to qualify for an LCC credential, students must complete at least 25% of the credits required for the credential through enrolment and completion of LCC courses.



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