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Lethbridge Community College

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see also FOIPP

Lethbridge Community College will maintain confidentiality of student information and records. Information and records will be released only upon the written consent of the individual concerned except in cases as outlined in the guidelines section of this policy.

Lethbridge Community College collects and maintains records of a sensitive nature. LCC respects the dignity of the individual and promotes professional and ethical conduct within the College community, and therefore policies are in place to insure the protection of the student's rights with respect to confidentiality of student records.

  • Students will have the right to review their academic, medical, personal, financial, and counselling records in the presence of an appropriate College employee.
  • Information will be released to parents, legal guardians or spouses only upon written consent by the student.
  • Information will be released to College employees who through their professional responsibilities and through the performance of their assigned duties require access to student records. Access to information is at the discretion of the department manager responsible for the records.
  • Information will be released to government, other educational institutions, or sponsoring agencies only upon written consent by the student.
  • Lethbridge Community College will release the following information in response to general inquiries without written consent:
    • confirmation of enrolment
    • confirmation of graduation
    • honour roll status

Exceptions to this policy will be made by the manager of the department responsible for maintaining this information when records are legally subpoenaed through the courts, or there is a professional or legal obligation to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse or vulnerable persons, or an individual representing a danger to harm himself or others and to police or others in cases where emergency contact is deemed necessary.

Any student enrolled in a program that involves client care or work experience must recognize that information concerning clients or agencies is confidential. Breach of this confidence jeopardizes agreements made between the Lethbridge Community College and institutions willing to accept students for practicum experiences. Any student who releases confidential information about a client or agency to unauthorized individuals may be suspended from the course.



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