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Copyright 1999,
Lethbridge Community College

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Last updated: December 3, 1999


ON-LINE CALENDAR (1999-2001)



Lethbridge Community College supports academic excellence and encourages student success through academic achievement. Students who do not meet minimum academic standards will be placed on probation and may be suspended from the College.

Program students who achieve a term grade point average of less than 1.50 will be placed on probation for the subsequent term. Students on probation will be allowed to register and remain in classes however:

  • main campus students on probation will be directed to report to the Program Leader or Centre Team Leader to establish support mechanisms for probationary students
  • off-campus students and distributed learning students will be directed to report to their instructor/tutor in order to establish support mechanisms for the probationary term.

Program students who achieve a term Grade Point Average of less than 1.50 in an term subsequent to the probationary term will be suspended from the College.

  • Students who are suspended form the College may be considered for return to the College after one program term has elapsed, except under extenuating circumstances and by approval of the receiving appropriate LCC administrator.
  • Students suspended from the College for academic reasons who wish to return to the program in which they have been enroled, after the lapse of the required term, must submit a letter to the Registrar, requesting reinstatement and providing a rationale to support that request. The request for reinstatement will be considered by the appropriate LCC administrator or their designate.
  • Students readmitted to their program after a suspension will be placed on academic probation for the term in which they return.
    Academic suspension applies to students registered in programs and not to Occasional Students.

Nursing Students
Please see the Academic Acceptability section listed in the Nursing program description in this calendar.

Students who fail to complete a course with a passing grade after two successive attempts will not be permitted to register in that course for the succeeding College term (one year for Distributed Learning Students) in which the course is offered, unless special permission is obtained from the program head (or their designate(s)).

Students repeating the same course and improving their grade will have the previous grade removed from their GPA calculations. Students should request this change through the Registrar’s Office.

Students earning a Grade of “D” or less in a prerequisite course may not register in the senior level course. However, courses transferred to LCC may not be required to meet this criterion. Such determinations may be made by the Centre Team Leader.


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