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Copyright 1999,
Lethbridge Community College

For information, contact the Webmaster: [email protected]

Last updated: December 3, 1999


ON-LINE CALENDAR (1999-2001)


Lethbridge Community College will accept Applications for Admission at any time during the year. Certain high-demand programs may have some limitations on the timelines for accepting applications. If a student chooses one of these programs, they will be advised by mail as to the procedures.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of Admissions Requirements, the information stated in this Calendar is only correct at the time of printing. Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Admissions Office for the most current admission requirements and information.

Admission Requirements for specific programs are listed in the program descriptions for each program.

  • Due to the range and depth of materials covered, Applicants may be required to complete additional requirements for admission to specific programs at Lethbridge Community College. For more details on admission requirements to individual College programs, refer to the Admission Requirements section or the program description in this Calendar.

Academic Requirements refer to those high school (or equivalent) courses required to ensure success in the particular program of study. In all cases, equivalencies to those courses will be considered.

Non-academic Requirements have been implemented for some programs as a means of enhancing student success and placing more emphasis on employability following graduation.

Medical or Professional Requirements may also be applied to some programs, where they have been deemed necessary.

  • Letters of reference and questionnaires may assist admissions personnel in evaluating the admissibility of Applicants to certain programs. When requested, this information should be submitted with the Application for Admission. Failure to supply necessary information will delay the processing of the Application.

A number of College programs require admissions testing. Applicants to these programs should be aware that they will be asked to show proof of identity. The admissions test(s) will not be administered to Applicants who fail to produce appropriate identification. Only identification which includes a recent photograph will be accepted (eg. driver’s licence, valid passport).


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