Meet Your Advisors

Rita Kolpak, B.A.

Rita has been a Student Advisor since June, 1998, and brings to this position a variety of experience. She has worked with a number of programs at the College since 1991 including ABE, Visual Arts and Career Explorations for Women. She enjoys working with students from diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds. She believes the most creative act a person can pursue is designing his or her life and looks forward to assisting students in doing so through program planning, career decision making, funding questions, motivation and support.

La Vonne Ramias

La Vonne is a new Student Advisor and brings with her the diverse experience of being both a student and an instructor at LCC. She especially enjoys the challenge of working with funding and upgrading issues. Having been a single parent while attending school, La Vonne is also familiar with many of the unique obstacles facing this student population. She believes that everyone's situation needs to be dealt with in an individual manner, and is always willing to help find a solution to difficulties that may arise.

Karen Wesko, B.S.W., R.S.W.

Karen is a Student Advisor well versed in the areas of career decision making and life planning. Since starting as a Student Advisor in 1994, she has assisted many individuals in following their career path. Karen especially enjoys working with student athletes, students who wish to continue on with their education at other insitutions, and those who are re-entering academia after an absence. Drop by or email your questions about any of LCC's programs, course tranferability or other general inquiries.

Please phone an advisor should you have any questions, or, better yet, Email your questions directly to one of us.

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