MARCH 1, 1997

All chapters were duly represented at the March 1, 1997 meeting in Edmonton. Many newly elected members were at their first meeting, including Mark Asplund, and Betty Van Der Lee from our local chapter.

Correspondence was discussed from Finance Committee, AFL School, Privatization Committee, and a report from the CLC.

Under the agenda -- Reports, Guy Smith, AUPE Election Handbook from the Special Structure Committee was discussed and distributed. The representation at the Restructuring Committee meeting was poor, and some concern was expressed regarding the effect of weighted voting and it's affect on the smaller locals.

Report by Ron Whan, Treasurer's Report, indicated that salary rebates for union business nearly doubled and added to the expenses for that budget year. There was concern expressed on dumping unspent money's at the chapter level to avoid the return of the finances back to the local. Ron indicated to options : Chapter submit a budget or local takes care of all the obligations, and that would eliminate the treasurer and everything will be managed by the local treasurer, by submission of receipts and bills. The discussion did not proceed from here regarding this issue. Various motions were presented to the council :

M/S/C That $300.00 be allocated to the local for a printer.

M/S/C That all outgoing local council representatives of local 71 be invited to the next AGM meeting to be held May 24/97 to be acknowledged in some way for their service.

M/S/C To continue the practice for the AGM meeting of inviting spouses or invited guests.

M/S/C To send a delegate from the local to the Alberta Federation school May 7 - 10, 1997

M/S/C To financially support Peggy Hoffman in her election campaign in the upcoming AUPE elections. (To the sum of $500.00)

M/S/C To support with $300.00 the home support workers who are on strike at NAIT.

M/S/C To recommend that the finance committee send a letter for distribution to donate to the same home support workers fund.

M/S/C By recommendation of the finance committee that this local contribute to Calgary's Gord Christie's campaign in Mountainview the sum of $200.00.


APRIL 10, 1997

At the AGM held on January 22, 1997, I was elected to be local 071/001 representative for Lethbridge and district area council.

I attended the Area Council AGM on March 26, 1997 at the Regional Office. The Meeting started at 5:50 pm with 8 members in attendance.

Introductions were made by the executive and other members then introduced themselves and their place of work.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read by secretary - Dennis Mikalson

Correspondance was read by the Chair Wayne Williams.

The treasurers report was read by Gerda May.

Under old business, Mike Bennett reported on the Christmas party in 1996. The attendance was down from the previous year the weather was extremely cold, and Operation Red Nose took some of our members home safely.

Election was held by Mike Bennett. Elected by acclamation were the following members :

Under new business, the Area Council donated $50.00 to Operation Red Nose in getting our members home safely from the Christmas party in 1996. Also, a donation was asked from Gerda May in regards to the Multiple Scleroses Super Cities Walk. The motion was defeated as the members felt it was beyond the mandate of the Area Council to start donating to all kinds of charities.

The proposed 1996 / 1997 Social Function is to hold another Christmas party in 1997. Also proposed is to have a picnic in late summer, location and date to be set later. Also, $150.00 to be donated to A.R.P.E.S. for Christmas party expenses.

Proposed Budget for 1997 / 1998 was read by Gerda May.

The Pledge of office was taken by the new executive. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm. For details see minutes.


FEBRUARY 18, 1997

It has been well over a year since any contact has been made to the Lethbridge Community Board from any of our executive members. My apology to the board for not being diligent in this area but it has been a challenging year for our executive with position vacancies and Vice - President Brian Mackan moving to Kimberly with his family. Since my initial election as chairperson for the local in February of 1996, it has been a year of structuring and activating the membership.

A membership drive was successful in signing up about 100 new members boosting our voting membership up to 85%. We will endeavor to membership drive on a continual basis and encourage all the future executive members and shop stewards to sign up members. Our chapter is approximately 310 members strong as of December 1996.

In December of 1996 our annual AUPE Children's Christmas Party, was held at the RAC Centre here on campus. A total or 49 children attended with their parents, grandparents and guardians. A great time was had by all and a great job was done by the members of the Membership Services Committee, chaired by Janice Kirby. Other social events are planned for the spring.

Our Annual General Meeting was held January 22, 1997. Election or our officers and executive for the next forthcoming two years was conducted. Seventy members attended the meeting to vote their candidates into office. Carol Anne Dean, President of AUPE, attended the AGM and gave a talk on the "effectiveness of a supportive membership." The meeting concluded with the presentation of 10 th Anniversary Service Pins awarded by our President to eligible members.

The elections proved to be interesting as many new members have been elected to the various positions representing most areas on campus. A record number of union stewards were elected. Currently, training sessions for the elective positions are being set up and prepared in the up coming weeks to equip our members with the tools to act in their new elected capacities. (Please note attached list of AUPE positions)

Many of our members will be serving on various committees and positions that involve the LCC and AUPE process. Some serving as executive members, local council reps, conventions delegates, stewards, committee members(AUPE and college), health and safety and so on. The Provincial Excutive Report by Ron Whan, indicated a new hiring policy for positions and considerations for the membership. Also spoke on the finacal situation of AUPE.

Under Old Business the proposal for accepting Life Memberships for the Local was dicussed. It was decided to form a policy for the Local Council members to approve at the AGM. It was motioned and carried to table these discussions to the AGM meeting.

Verbal Reports were submitted by all Chairs of the Local Chapters regarding their negotiation status. Most chapters that have settled have received finacial settlements and return of income from the legislated rollback.

Please accept this written submission as a report of the activites of the March 1, 1997 meeting.

Respectively submitted,

Andy Krajewski
Council Member/Local 71

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