AUPE Health & Safety Conference

Changing Times: Emerging Issues

DATE: Thursday and Friday June 12 and 13, 1997

TIME: 9:00-10:00a.m.(Registration - Thursday)

PLACE: Howard Johnson Plaza-Hotel 10010 - 104 Street, Edmonton

COORDINATOR: Vikki Panchuk, Health and Safety Secretary AUPE Headquarters,Edmonton Phone: 930-3357 or toll free 1-800-232-7284

The tentative format of the Conference includes plenaries, discussion periods, workshop groups, guests speakers, and a dinner on Thursday evening. The conference is dedicated to identifying issues regarding shift work, staffing patterns, workshop and sexual harassment, repetitive strain injuries, LTD1, violence against our members, and formulating strategies to deal with these issues in a changing environment.

First option for attending this conference will be given to members that have completed an AUPE Introduction to Health and Safety Course. These qualified members should have been elected at the Annual General Meeting for their Chapters. Where meeting have already been held, interested members should contact their Local Executive immediately. The Locals are responsible for registering participants.

The registration fee is $20.00 per participant. AUPE Headquarters is covering the cost of two lunches, Thursday's dinner, conference rooms, materials and equipment, and expenses for guest speakers. The Local is responsible for the registration fee, time-off, accommodation, non-organized meals, travel, per diem, etc. Participants/the Local are responsible for booking and guaranteeing their rooms.

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